Benefits of regular oil pulling method for oral health!

Oil pulling is one of the traditional home remedies for oral health benefits. This is not so common among people as various new dental health methods have been introduced lately which are preferred over traditional health remedies. Well, oil pulling provides a good number of benefits for maintaining our teeth’s health and it can prevent various tooth infections, teeth decay and other oral health problems.

Today, people just believe in brushing their teeth in morning and using mouthwash in order to prevent bad breath. Mouthwashes are effective only to a certain extent as they just protect your teeth and mouth from smelling bad and also provides oral hygiene. But does it have any positive impacts on our teeth’s health? Not much. We can’t rely on these chemical compositions entirely as they consist of various elements which can be extremely dangerous for our teeth.

Adopting natural methods which hold no side effects is always the best idea. If we take help from Ayurveda and other natural home remedies and processes, we can be really sure about not being a victim to any serious side effects caused by them. These methods like coconut oil pulling are very natural and safe for everyone to follow.

Coconut oil pulling is considered to be super effective for our oral health as it consists of fatty acids which have properties like alkaline saliva which can reduce the chances of teeth infections like plaque and bad gums. The lauric acid which is present in fatty acids help in overall cleansing of our teeth and also prevents inflammations and other microbial infections. Certain oral microorganisms must be defeated as they are the main reason behind bad breath, dental caries, gingivitis etc.

This traditional method of oil pulling can be performed daily and it is completely harm free. People who face dental problems like regular gum bleeding must definitely practice coconut oil pulling daily as it can help in making your gums strong thus making it healthier than ever. Daily oil pulling can almost eliminate your chances of using mouthwashes as this traditional ayurvedic method is also effective for reducing bad breaths.

Oil pulling must be done during early morning hours for around 20 minutes. This should be done empty stomach. This ancient Indian therapy is also known as Gundusha or Kavala. It can be done by taking one tbsp of coconut oil and swish it. When you realize that the oil inside your mouth has finally turned thin and milky, you can spit it out.

Apart from the heavy benefits for oral health, traditional oil pulling is also best for detoxifying your body. It helps in releasing antioxidants which will protect our body from harmful microorganisms, thus keeping it healthy.

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