Best calcium rich foods for better dental health!

Healthy diet is very much important for the good health of our teeth. Calcium is the most essential mineral which is required to maintain healthy gums as well as for bone functioning. Without proper calcium in our body, our teeth will grow weak and brittle thus leading to several dental problems. Lack of calcium can cause tooth decay and gum diseases and it is necessary to include calcium rich foods in your diet so as to maintain your dental health.

This article will give you some idea on which foods are important and must be included in your daily diet in order to keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy.

Green Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are the most important part of everyone’s diet. If they are not included in your daily diet, your overall health can be adversely affected in many ways. Consumption of green leafy vegetables is essential in order to maintain dental health. It consists high amount of calcium which is very good for your teeth. Try eating spinach and collard greens almost everyday which are highly rich in calcium.


Some people have one glass of milk everyday while some prefer having two. Milk is the only food product which is full of calcium. It also contains Vitamin A and Vitamin D which are also good for your teeth’s health. A full glass of milk is full of nutrition and must be consumed daily for your overall health.


If you didn’t know that almonds are extremely good for your oral health, now you know it. These nuts are also the best option for curing heart diseases because it is full of proteins. Having a small bowl of almonds every day is a great option if you want to prevent conditions like tooth infections or tooth decay. Almonds are also good for building strong memory.


As mentioned earlier, fruits help in the overall healthy functioning of the body. It consists of high amounts of calcium which can work better for your teeth health. Start having your oranges today, it also consists of Vitamin C which is great for your immune system as well.

Beans and Seeds

Having a healthy dose of beans and various seeds daily is one of the best decisions that you have ever taken. They are rich in iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium which provides high nutritional value to your teeth. Poppy seeds and Celery seeds are the best options for healthy teeth.


Most of us like cheese, isn’t it? The good news is that having cheese is actually good for your teeth and oral health. It is because cheese consists high amount of calcium which can make your teeth stronger and better.

Never sacrifice calcium in your daily meals. It is important for your teeth as well as for the healthy body and mind.

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