Post surgery dental tips

Whilst dental implants are a relatively quick and simple operation, the method of recovery is paramount for the eventual success of the treatment.

It is worth noting that the healing period is not easily overnight if you consider dental implants. Engagement and persistence are important to ensure the best possible outcomes.

These are the things to expect from the recuperation of the dental implant and a couple of clue points to ensure the right way to.

Recovery Time for Dental Implant

After a dental implant operation, it takes 100% of the time before your mouth can be fully healed.

The recovery time can vary due to a variety of factors after this procedure. Some are as follows:

You have removed and inserted the number of teeth, e.g. single or more dental implants

If during the procedure you had to undergo bone grafting

Overall health and structure of the mouth

Your current fitness level and your body’s rate of recovery

Your body can only feel normal after the first week after all inflammation and pain have reduced and there is no chance

When to eat and what to drink after an operation

You must treat them as best as possible for the first few weeks after surgery in order to repair the new dental implants correctly.


So eating and drinking may vary a bit from what you are generally used to. You can consume soft food for the first week – 30 days after surgery if you have had only a few implants and a relatively mild chirurgy.

But you would have to keep a soft food diet up to 6 weeks after the procedure if the operation was a little more difficult. It is widely suggested to use smoothies, protein drinks and purified food.

Yes, you’re starting to swell

Through your mouth and in many other parts of your body, it is a natural part of your healing process. In theory, it is the way your body covers a “injured” region.


Facial swelling is guaranteed once you have had a bone grafting operation as part of your implant surgery. Swelling normally only takes place three or four days after the treatment, but continues to decrease after about seven days.


Swelling is also extremely likely after you have had a simple dental implant procedure. A touch of facial bruising, numbness and the tongue and lips can also be expected.

A swollen ice pack is the safest method of reducing swelling.

Daily practice of oral hygiene is important.

You might wonder if after a mouth surgery and dental implants you can still brush your teeth. And yes, the response is really encouraged.


Your mouth can be too sore to open very wide, but daily oral hygiene procedures should be resumed after 24 hours. You should also rinse your mouth softly with salt water every few hours, in order to prevent infection.

Having said this dental tips, for at least 14 days after surgery, should not apply to mouthwash or hydrogen peroxide rinses.

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