Some of the Salary of a Dentist in India

On average, a dentist working in India typically earns around Rs. 75000 per month. However, the salary range starts from Rs. 36000 to Rs. 117000 per month. There are various factors which decide the salary of a dentist like experience, skills, gender, bonus, incentives, place, etc. The total salary of a dentist includes housing, transport, and other benefits. Let us see the salary of a dentist in India on the basis of all the factors.

Dentist salary distribution in India

The monthly salary distribution for dentist in India is this way:
Around 25% of dentists earn Rs. 51,100 or less

Around 50% of dentists earn Rs. 76,700 or less

Around 75% of dentists earn Rs. 99000 or less and

Almost everyone earns Rs. 117000 or less.

Minimum to maximum salary range

A dentist’s monthly salary ranges from Rs. 36000 (minimum salary) to Rs. 117000 (maximum salary).

There is another parameter for monthly salary and that is median salary. Median salary is the middle value of the salary a dentist is getting per month. So according to that 50% of dentists earn Rs. 76000 and other 50% earn more than Rs. 76000. Therefore the median salary of a dentist in India is Rs. 76000 and everyone wants to earn more than median salary.

Dentist salary on the basis of experience

Experience is one of the most important factors in deciding your monthly salary. The more experience you have, the more will be the earning.

Through the research, it has found that a dentist who is having less than 2 years of experience, earns Rs. 43,700 per month, dentist who have experience of 2 to 5 years earn Rs. 56,200 per month and those who have 5 to 10 years of experience earn Rs. 77,500 per month. Person with experience of 10 to 5 years earns Rs. 96000, 15 to 20 years, earns Rs. 1,03,000 and more than 20 years of experience earn Rs. 1,11,000.

Salary comparison on the basis of Gender

Though this is the time of gender equality and gender should not determine the income of the person, but in reality it affects the income pattern. It has seen that male dentists earn 18% more than female dentists.

Dentist salary increment percentage annually

Dentists are more likely to get a 13% salary increment in about 17 months which is higher than other sectors.

So this is the average salary of a dentist in India which varies person to person because of many factors.

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